Ziemer pet memorial

We consider our pets our four-legged family members. They ask so little of us, and give so much love in return. We count on them to greet us at the door each day and omfort us with their loyalty and unconditional friendship. When it comes time for you to let go of your animal companion, making the decisions on how to care for their physical remains can be heart-wrenching. The staff at Ziemer Pet Memorial will treat your pet like one of their own.

Eco-friendly pet cremation services

Ziemer Pet Memorial is the only Tri-State area pet cremation service that utilizes a bio-cremation process that is an eco-responsible alternative to flame cremation. An alkaline water bath is used to accelerate the natural decomposition process and return the body to its mineral form. Bio-cremation is energy efficient and does not produce any emissions
of harmful greenhouse gases.  The bone ash rendered after the bio-cremation process is pathogen and disease free and
is 100% safe to be handled.

Individual cremation

Ziemer Pet Memorial only offers individual cremation. Each animal has a unique identifying tag and is placed in its own cradle compartment. Pet owners receive only their pet's cremains. Cremains are placed in a sealed container with the unique identifying tag and then can be placed in a decorative urn, buried, or can be scattered.

memorial packages

Each package includes the pick-up of the animal, bio-cremation, standard urn, and delivery of cremains.  Cremains can be delivered within 72 hours.

Weight                     Aqua Cremation

0-20 lbs                            $ 150

21-40 lbs                         $ 175

41-60 lbs                         $ 200

61-80 lbs                         $ 225

81-100 lbs                      $ 275

101-125 lbs                   $ 300

126-150 lbs                   $ 325

151-175 lbs                   $ 350

*Additional charges may apply for pick-up and delivery outside a 30 mile radius or after standard business hours.

Pet memorial videos and photos

Ziemer Pet Memorial Center can create a memorial video.....